Noirmoutier Island gathers numerous qualities for the perfect holidays: 35 kilometres of beaches, dunes, and the very famous “Bois de la Chaise” with his 18th century mansions.

The “Passage du Gois” (submersible road), the Sebastopol ornithological reserve and the numerous ways through the forest are an invitation to pleasant walks. The salt marshes, blooming mimosas from February and of course the specific local potato production of Noirmoutier are some of the most amazing resources around this island which will make you easily fall in love.

Welcome to Noirmoutier

Crossing the “Passage du Gois”, a submersible road, 4.5 kilometers long lost in the middle of the Ocean. It is one of the curiosities of Noirmoutier island. It is the way to go to Beauvoir sur Mer in low tide period and the perfect place to catch oysters and other seashells. And then, why not relaxing on the sand beach rounding Punta Lara ?

Natural resources

Noirmoutier is a fertile land where it is possible to harvest precious products that we use in our cuisine. We can find the famous Noirmoutier’s potato “La Bonnotte”. But also saffron or “red gold”, from Virginie and Olaf. The salt from Noirmoutier produced in more than 3000 parcels. And finally, the ocean give us his resources with seashells like oysters, fine and iodized and his delicious fish.

Discovery place

Noirmoutier island offers numerous nautical activities : sailing schools on catamarans, windsurf, sand yacht or ocean kayak… Here in Noirmoutier, we celebrate every year the famous “Régates du Bois de la chaise” organized by the association “La Chaloupe”

Wedding and Seminary